How does Gitlead work?
You can filter by the different developer roles that you are interested in such asfront-end, back-end, full-stack, data analytics, mobile, etc. From there you can filter further by the different languages finding engineers that fit your criteria. We want to surface engineers you haven't considered and may want to reach out.

Why use this when I can just look at profiles?
Github, Gitlab, BitBucket, and other developer sites don't represent a full picture of the code that developers write. Most code is not open sourced by engineers. Companies and organizations release the code. So if a profile looks empty, you might skip it, but an engineer may be incredibly talented.

What extra features does Label offer?
Label is the only multipurpose startup landing page template that fulfuls all your needs without having to hire a developer. And the best thing about label is you can save a lot of money while benefiting a lot more than you expect.

What is a Good Score?
This score is between 0 and 100. A person with a 100 is an expert while a person with a 0 hasn't used the language at all. Most people are somewhere in between. But the higher the score, the greater the confidence you can have in their ability.

Which Open Source Projects Do You Check?
We have taken the best projects from each programming community: Android, C++, Data Science, DevOps, Functional, Go, Java, Machine Learning, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Web, .NET, and iOS and found the most widely used and popular libraries based on multiple criteria for a successful project including references, ranking, stars, and other components. We are always watching for new popular projects and add them to our search.